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Mirage Doors at Pacific Fair Broadbeach

Mirage doors has recently completed the supply and installation of numerous doors at Pacific Fair, Broadbeach as a part of the centre’s $670m revamp.

Rebel Sports were supplied with two custom designed Fiesta stacking doors incorporating laser cut aluminium infills. The doors were powder coated to match the shopfront facade, and the end result was outstanding.

Specsavers and Vans also opted for the Fiesta Stacking Door, but with a more traditional fully glazed design.

Two Series 3000 Bifold Counterweight Doors were chosen for City Beach, incorporating glazing and louvres for ventilation.

Wild Cards also opted for a Series 3000 Bifold Counterweight Door, but finished with customised timber cladding.

Event Cinemas were supplied our SD300 Folding Closure to suit it’s 16 metre wide opening. This SD300 was supplied with the Multivent perforated infills, which provide 51% ventilation.

The Pacific Fair project again reflects Mirage’s market leading position in the shopfitting industry, supplying the largest range of quality products incorporating innovative designs.

Rebel Sports - Pacific Fair - 4 - Fiesta Rebel Sports - Pacific Fair - 2 - Fiesta Specsavers - Pacific Fair - Fiesta Vans - Pacific Fair - 1 - Fiesta City Beach - Pacific Fair - 1 - S3000 City Beach - Pacific Fair - 2 - S3000Wild Cards - Pacific Fair - 1 - S3000 Wild Cards - Pacific Fair - 2 - S3000 Wild Cards - Pacific Fair - 3 - S3000 Cinemas - Pacific Fair - 2 - SD300 - Multivent Cinemas - Pacific Fair - 4 - SD300 - Multivent Cinemas - Pacific Fair - 3 - SD300 - Multivent

Bifold Door for Basement HQ

Mirage Doors has recently completed the supply and install of 1 off Series 3000 electrically operated counterweight bi-fold door for the new Basement HQ shop in Rouse Hill Town Centre.

The door was finished to complement the outdoor shopping centre design, with black satin power coat frame and European Ash timber cladding.

Mirage Doors is the premier supplier of specialty door systems, offering the greatest product range of any supplier in the commercial shopfitting market.

Bifold Door Rouse hill 2 Bifold Door Rouse hill



Mirage Doors attends 19th National ASOFIA Conference

Mirage Doors has just completed a very successful participation at the 19th ASOFIA national conference (held on May 1 – 4 in Hobart). ASOFIA (Australian Shop & Office Fitters Industry Association) conducts a national conference every 18 months. The Hobart conference attracted 150 leading shop & office fitters and suppliers from all states. Shop & office fit out work is a key commercial market for Mirage, and the Mirage brand is iconic in this sector. Mirage Doors received a citation recognising their 30+ years of ASOFIA membership and active industry participation.

For the 6th time, but for the 1st time since 2011, Mirage was a conference sponsor. In return, ASOFIA afforded Mirage Doors a very high exposure to the delegates. The conference was attended by Nev Griffiths (Qld), Peter Way (NSW), Tony Vivarelli (Vic) and Paul Zelasko (AM Group). Apart from the many networking opportunities available, Nev gave a sponsors presentation; informing delegates that the recent acquisition by the AM Group has significantly strengthened Mirage’s manufacturing capabilities and site project management resources. This, combined with our traditional specification, contracts administration and estimating strengths, means we can now provide higher performance capabilities on their projects. The feedback was very positive, with requests from several shopfitters to ensure we make follow up contact this week. Nev also informed ASOFIA that we are committed to their organisation, and we will also resume a high profile in their respective state – based organisations. This news was very well received by all in attendance.

Mirage Doors is an industry stalwart, having commenced operations in 1966. The Mirage brand is well established and highly regarded by all stakeholders. It has suffered in recent times from low cost competitors, many of whom are no longer trading. To capitalise on the company strengths and market opportunity, the AM Group is determined to ensure Mirage is appropriate resourced at all stages of a project and to again be the dominant participant in this sector. This in turn will give the AM Group a prominence in the Australian commercial doors market to complement its traditional strengths in the industrial doors market.

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