Dual or Single Leaf.

The frames are constructed from steel hollow section (SHS) and designed in accordance with AS1170.2-2002 and AS4100-1998, to withstand wind loading as required in the closed position and provide minimum deflection in the open position.


Colorbond, Steel Sheet, Aluminium Sheet, Bar Grille, Weldmesh, Amplimesh, Timber, Glass, Acrylic. Discuss any other requirements with a Mirage representative.


  • Manual by hand;
  •  Electric operation is by a 1 h.p. / 1.5 h.p. / 2.0 h.p. clutch motor / gearbox c/- push button operation via a reversing contactor. This includes emergency chain operation in the event of power failure. Key switches can be added if required;


For manually operated doors, sliding pad bolts are fitted to the bottom of each side – padlocks are supplied by others.


Dulux Duralloy or Interpon D1000 powdercoat finishes are suitable for Series 1000 counterweight doors;

  • Other options include polyurethane paint or enamel paint;
  • Hot dipped galvanising is recommended for corrosive environments.


  • The power supply required for the motor is either:
    • 3 phase 415v with neutral (10 amp), located within one metre of the motor;
    • Single phase hard wired (10 amp), located within one metre of the motor.
  • Work by others:
    • Power supply provision of required;
    • Structurally adequate wall / mounting points to support the counterweight door;
    • Adequate headroom & sideroom as per Tech. Data sheets to ensure successful operation 
  • Product warranty – 12 months.