Constructed using 75 x 0.6 mm, 75 x 0.8 mm or 75 x 1.0mm interlocking slats, in galvanised steel, roll formed in house at Mirage Doors. Slat thickness is dependent on the opening width and the security requirements of the project. The slats are retained in position using nylon end clips, fitted to every second slat.


The maximum shutter size is 6000mm wide x 6000mm high.


Fabricated from mild steel or galvanised tube with the outside diameter and thickness appropriate to the size and application of the steel roller shutter.


75MM X 37MM roll formed steel channel as standard


Mirage will provide a pair of brackets fabricated from prime painted mild steel, with the steel gauge to suit the shutter sizes.


Extruded aluminium and is designed to accept a weatherseal if required.

An optional steel box section is available


  • Manual by hand (up to 6m2);
  • Chain operation (6.01m2 – 25.0m2);
  • Electric operation is by a 1 h.p. / 1.5 h.p. motor / gearbox c/- push button operation via a reversing contactor. This includes emergency chain operation in the event of power failure. Key switches can be added if required.


Sliding padbolts (inside OR outside) – padlocks by others. Manual locking is not advisable on motorised roller shutters.


  • Galvabond steel (standard);
  • Dulux Duralloy or Interpon D1000 powdercoat finishes are suitable for S75 roller shutters.


  • The power supply required for the motor is either:
    • 3 phase 415v with neutral (10 amp), located within one metre of the motor;
    • Single phase hard wired (10 amp), located within one metre of the motor.
  • Work by others:
    • Power supply provision if required;
    • Structurally adequate wall / mounting points to support the roller shutter;
    • Adequate headroom & sideroom as per Tech. 
  • Product warranty – 12 months.