Manufactured from 94mm x 1.5mm thick solid extruded aluminium slats, and fitted with nylon end clips to the end of every alternate slat. Ventilation options are as follows:

  • Standard slots 191mm wide x 60mm high, giving an effective 52% ventilation per lineal metre;
  • Wideview slots up to 640mm wide x 60mm high, giving an effective 63% ventilation per lineal metre;
  • Multi – hole perforations comprising 6.5mm holes @ 8.5mm staggered centres, giving an effective 30% ventilation per lineal metre;
  • All of these options can include acrylic infill panels to prevent the passage of dust and create viewing panels.


Manufactured from steel tube and fitted with end caps. Helical coil oil tempered springs will be fitted to an axle inside the drum tube. Drum deflection shall not exceed 1/360th of the drum span.


105mm x 35mm extruded aluminium sections. The extrusion provides for optional brush seal or plastic ribbing. Removable mullions are not recommended for this product.


Mirage will provide a pair of mild steel brackets fitted to a suitably prepared opening provided by others.


Extruded aluminium, and is designed to accept a weatherseal if required.e


  • Manual by hand (up to 6m2 overall size – a pull hook is provided for high shutters);
  • Chain operation (6.01 – 36.0m2 overall size);
  • Electric operation (low cycle applications only – not available in high cycle applications) via a 1 h.p. 3 phase motor / gearbox c/- limit switches and reversing contactor.


Non – Masterkeyable Selections:

  • Single sided locking (inside OR outside);
  • Two way locking (inside AND outside);
  • Sliding padbolts (inside OR outside) – padlocks by others.

Master – Keyable Selection:

  • Lockwood 570 Series cylinder keyed to the outside only (this cylinder will protrude forward of the outside bottom rail face by 15mm).


  • Matt natural anodised aluminium (standard)
  • Dulux Duralloy or Interpon D1000 powdercoat finishes are suitable for Series 3 roller shutters.


  • The power supply required for the motor is either:
    • 3 phase 415v with neutral (10 amp), located within one metre of the motor;
    • Single phase hard wired (10 amp), located within one metre of the motor.
  • Work by others:
    • Power supply provision if required;
    • Structurally adequate wall / mounting points to support the roller shutter;
    • Adequate headroom & sideroom as per Tech. Data sheets to ensure successful operation (note that Series 3 roller shutters cannot be side mounted);
  • Product warranty – 12 months.