• Steel / High Cycle Steel – 19mm x 1.2mm diameter galvabond steel tubes connected by 40mm x 2.5mm zinc plated blue mild steel links. The ends of every tube shall have a nylon sleeve to minimise noise.
  • Aluminium – 19mm x 2.0mm diameter aluminium tubes connected by 40mm x 2.5mm aluminium links. The links are riveted to the tubes at nominal staggered 500mm centres. The ends of every tube have a nylon sleeve to minimise noise.
  • The free air flow derived from both curtain types is 63%.


The drum shall be manufactured from steel tube. Helical coil oil tempered springs will be fitted to an axle inside the drum tube. Drum deflection shall not exceed 1/360th of the drum span.


Side guides shall be 86mm x 40mm extruded aluminium sections.


The standard brackets are fabricated from mild steel and supplied in a prime painted finish.


Formed from extruded aluminium, and is designed to accept a weatherseal if required. An optional steel box section bottom rail is available upon request.


  • Manual by hand (up to 6m2 overall size – a pull hook is provided for high shutters);
  • Chain operation (for grilles 6.01m2 – 25.0m2 overall size);
  • Electric operation (low cycle applications) 1 h.p. motor / gearbox c/- limit switches and reversing contactor;
  • Electric operation (high cycle applications up to 50 operations per day) 1 h.p. 3 phase fan cooled motor / gearbox c/- logic control box and photo electric beam protection (supply, install & interfacing of access control systems are by others).


Shoot bolts fitted internal or external (shoot bolts are not recommended for motorised grilles).


  • Steel – galvabond;
  • Aluminium – Matt natural anodised aluminium;
  • Powdercoat finishes are not available with this product, due to excessive paint rub caused by the curtains’ rolling action.


  • The power supply required for the motor is either:
    • 3 phase 415v with neutral (10 amp), located within one metre of the motor;
    • Single phase hard wired (10 amp), located within one metre of the motor.
  • Work by others:
    • Power supply provision as outlined above;
    • Structurally adequate wall / mounting points to support the roller shutter;
    • Adequate headroom & sideroom as per Tech. Data sheets to ensure successful operation (note that Series 3 roller shutters cannot be side mounted);
  • Product warranty – 12 months.