Aluminium framing,

  • 3mm clear toughened glass
  • 3mm solid aluminium sheet.


Extruded aluminium overhead track 35mm wide x 41mm high. This track is fitted to a suitable structural support provided by others. The tracks may have a radius of no less than 600mm to suit curved applications.


Manual by hand (motorisation is not available). The folding closures can either be a single panel type sliding to one side, or bi – parting.


  • Lockwood two way cylinder security lock supplied as standard (master keying by others);
  • Floor mounted sockets / ferrules will be provided, to ensure the concealed drop bolts engage into the floor.


  • Etch & clear anodised (standard);
  • Dulux Duralloy or Interpon D1000 powdercoat finishes are suitable for the SD Folding Closure range.


Typically the panels will compact to 16% – 20% of the opening width.


  • Preparation of openings to suit the folding closures is by others;
  • The head support must be structural to support a product weighing 14kgm2. As the panels when opened will carry the full weight of the closure, supports to carry the full weight of the closure will be required;
  • Floors and overhead track supports must be true & level;
  • Work by others:
    • Stacking boxes or joinery for storage of opened panels;
    • Structurally adequate wall / mounting points to support the folding closure;
    • Adequate clearances & supports as per Tech. Data sheets to ensure successful operation;
  • Product & installation warranty – 12 months.

Mirage Doors has a continuous program of product development, and reserves the right to change specifications at any time without notice.