Constructed using interlocking steel slats of 100 x 1.0mm in thickness, roll formed in house at Mirage Doors. The slats are retained in position using cast steel end clips fitted with galvanised steel rivets, fitted to every second slat.


Under all states specifications openings must not exceed 7500mm wide x 5500mm high for 4 hour rating


8000mm wide x 4500mm high for 2 hour rating.


Fabricated from mild steel or galvanised tube with the outside diameter and thickness engineered to the size and application of the roller shutter.


Verticle guide tracks 2mm thick with “L” shape fixing lugs of not more than 550mm centres apart.


Mirage will provide a pair of brackets fabricated from prime painted mild steel, with the steel gauge to the height and width of the opening and engineered tube size.


50 x 50 x 2.5mm or 50 x 50 x 5mm (depending on opening width) steel angles fixed back to back through the bottom of the slat.

Rubber Seals to Bottom Rail are not permitted.


  • Manual operation (up to 6.0m2 overall size);
  • Chain operation (up to 14.0m2);
  • Electric operation is by a Grifco 1 h.p. 3 phase motor / gearbox c/- push button operation via a reversing contactor. This includes emergency chain operation in the event of power failure. Key switches can be added if required.

The operating speed upon actuation of the fire shutter will be at 0.3 metres / second to ensure compliance with AS1905 Part 2 – 2005. The shutter shall be held open via a fusible link. Where interfacing with a smoke detector or fire alarm system is required, the shutter shall also have hold – open magnets. Provision of the interfacing work from the FIP to the hold open magnets is by the fire control subcontractor.


Sliding padbolts (inside OR outside) – padlocks by others. Manual locking is not advisable on motorised roller shutters.


  • Galvabond steel (standard);
  • Dulux Duralloy or Interpon D1000 powdercoat finishes are suitable for S115 roller shutters.


  • Fire resistant roller shutter is available in manual or electric operation and manufactured strictly in accordance with Austral Standard AS1905.2 – 2005. They are for openings that require a 2 hour or 4 hour fire rating and available in automatic closing mode and “hold open” closing mode (only closes in the event of a fire).
  • Fire resistant roller shutters are manufactured in accordance with Australian standard AS1905.2-2005 and achieve a fire resistance level of NA/120/NA for 2 hour rating and NA/240/NA for 4 hour rating. Accordingly such roller shutters provide no level of insulation and therefore their use with respect to the Building Code of Australia, Section C3.5, must be approved by the local Regulatory Authorities.Fire resistant roller shutters must be fitted to openings of a configuration identical to the tested specimen to comply with Australia standard. Accordingly, walls must be of masonry construction. The Threshold should be of concrete of similar approved material.
  • Fire resistant shutters must be installed to concrete, 190mm thick core – filled masonry or solid brick. Steel is NOT a suitable fixing surface and cannot be certified.
  • Although fire resistant roller shutters can be manually operated, they are not designed or suited for installation into rooms where there is no other form of access into the room;
  • The power supply required for the motor is either:
    • 3 phase 415v with neutral (10 amp), located within one metre of the motor;
    • Single phase hard wired (10 amp), located within one metre of the motor.
  • Work by others:
    • Power supply provision if required;
    • Structurally adequate wall / mounting points to support the roller shutter;
    • Adequate headroom & sideroom as per Tech. Data sheets.
  • Product warranty – 12 months.